Why Choose SALMON

There are other organizations that may appear similar to ours, but our customers have many solid reasons to choose us.

SALMON Health and Retirement’s culture combines tradition and innovation:

  • We have a history, past to present, of keeping our dedicated, talented staff over many years, allowing us to provide customers with consistency and stability not found elsewhere.
  • Many staff members join our team having been inspired by how we’ve cared for people they love; they support and want to take part in how well we accomplish our mission serving others.
  • Our staff and management use the same high quality services we offer for their own families; knowing the people we employ want what we offer for themselves is high praise.
  • Our programs combine genuine concern for individuals with “best practices” for all service levels, giving our Residents and clients the maximum benefit.
  • SALMON programs evolve with research; we change as we learn, for the greater good.
  • Our staff and management live and work alongside our customers.
  • The praise, calls and letters we receive from grateful families demonstrate improving the lives of others, which is humbling and gratifying to our entire team, and keeps us motivated to excel.

SALMON Health and Retirement’s commitment to the community at large is tangible:

  • We are a local organization, based in Central Massachusetts; because we live and work in the communities we serve, we share many of our potential customers’ needs and concerns.
  • Free, educational programs on a variety of topics open to the public are held on our campuses.
  • SALMON hosts CEU programs for professional development also open to the public.
  • Every year, we raise substantial donations for organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter.
  • We donate hundreds of Thanksgiving turkeys to the Worcester County Food Bank annually.
  • SALMON acts quietly, behind-the-scenes for the benefit of many area charitable organizations.
  • Legislators and other leaders are invited and welcome to speak on our campuses, so our Residents and the greater community remain connected to the political process, and The Willows at Worcester is a polling location.
  • We offer our Residents transportation to polls on election days, and make use of absentee ballots as requested, to ensure their participation in government.
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