Employee Education

SALMON Health and Retirement is devoted to the ongoing growth and development of its team; the goal of the Employee Education Department is increasing employee skills and knowledge for their success and fulfillment. We know if our employees continue to learn, our organization as a whole benefits from it.

We are aware that training is not just handing out information to employees; it's about providing them with the tools and resources to fully understand and integrate what they learn into their jobs. We do this through various employee education avenues within our company:

General Orientation Like any employer, we orient new employees to their roles and responsibilities specific to their department. However, because we believe that a solid introduction and orientation into our organization’s culture is an important start to any employee’s career, every employee attends our General Orientation. This program is filled with interactive, fun and engaging activities that provide new employees with the basics they need to start their career on the right foot with SALMON. Just read what some of our past participants had to say about our program:

  • “Positive, energetic and very informative!”
  • “The orientation was excellent and very informative.”
  • “Very friendly and informative. They make you feel like this is the place to work.”
  • “Awesome orientation!”
  • “The best orientation I ever attended! It was informative and entertaining.”
  • “The orientation was very well organized and I learned a lot from it. Excellent job!!”
  • “The orientation was very informational and assured me that I could do my job because of what I’ve learned. Both presenters were very professional and easy to understand. I would highly recommend anyone interested in becoming a CNA to take this class and orientation.”

SALMON Courses

Clinical Because of the significant role our clinical staff plays in our skilled nursing and assisted living residences, education is integral to enhancing the skills of our clinical staff and keeping them up to speed on the latest trends. This is done through a wide range of clinical education opportunities. Under the direction of our director of clinical services, director of education and seasoned nurses, we have developed our own in-house training programs which educate and reinforce skills that exceed state and federal standards. Training sessions are offered frequently and at different campuses. Topics range from: CNA Basic, CNA Accelerated, CNA Beyond the Basics to CNA Mentor to New Nurse Orientation, Nurse Mentor to Nurse Manager Training, .

Courses content is evaluated yearly to ensure it's current.

Non-clinical Regardless of whether they work in nursing, housekeeping, dietary or child care, employee education is an important component of being successful. At SALMON, we offer our employees a wide range of educational opportunities from Workplace Relationships, Customer Service, and Exceptional Receptionist training to a range of management trainings, including Writing and Delivering Performance Appraisals and Management Skills. Training is offered at our various campuses.

Hear what some people have said about our internal courses:

  • “The style of presentation was energetic and enthusiastic. It was easy to sense the trainer’s passion for the topic and high level of expertise and humility in communicating it. I am looking forward to further presentations.”
  • “I am a better employee after hearing this presentation. I will implement many of the points with my staff. Thanks.”
  • “Great information. Worth every minute.”