Career Development

Education and training is just one way in which we support our employees. We also have a strong conviction about encouraging our team to advance themselves along their career path. To assist our employees in shaping the direction of their careers, SALMON offers financial assistance programs to our employees. Options include tuition reimbursement and company-assumed loan programs.

The variety of services provided by SALMON offers a wide range of employment opportunities, giving our staff options in working in an array of settings, learning and growing along the way.

CNA Career Ladder

  1. CNA Certification
  2. Beaumont Certification
  3. Rehabilitation Certification
  4. Mentor Certification
  5. Neighborhood Coordinator
  6. Licensed Practical Nurse
  7. Registered Nurse

Under the SALMON CNA Career Ladder, some of our nurses started off as CNAs and worked their way up to management positions.

Former Clinical Services Director Karen Brennan, RN, BSN, recently retired after 30 years with SALMON, says “Becoming a CNA is a great first step to changing your career or furthering your skill set. If you love working with people and want to help secure yourself a long-term position in nursing, this is the place to start.”