The Health Center at The Willows

Offering more than traditional assisted living

The Health Center at The Willows is a Level IV Rest Home, licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and regulated by the Department of Public Health to offer a wide range of nursing and medical care in a residential, assisted living-like environment. So, unlike providers limited to offering only assisted living, we are held to higher standards in accordance with the medical care provided.

There is reassurance, convenience and comfort for spouses, family members and friends living at The Willows to visit those at The Health Center adjacent to them anytime, regardless of weather or darkness.

Located at the heart of The Willows campus, The Health Center features 28 spacious, individual rooms in an intimate, neighborhood-like setting with nearby dining and gathering spaces, and a beautifully landscaped outdoor sitting area.

The Health Center’s inclusive rate provides for a private room, all meals, all supportive and clinical or nursing services, even telephone and cable television. The only additional expenses are co-payments for medications, personal supplies and physician visits. Residents pay privately, or may be eligible for EAEDC (Emergency Aid for Elders, Disabled and Children).

Meet the Team


Audra Burton-KeanAudra Burton-Kean, MSN, MBA, RN, Clinical Services Director
I feel lucky to be part of an organization where warmth and respect are extended to Residents and those close to them, and compassionate care is a priority. The Health Center offers high quality medical management in a home-like setting with careful attention to individual needs. That combination helps our Residents and their families achieve peace of mind.

Andrew Freilich, Executive Director
We’re fortunate to have been able to incorporate this Center from the Sisters of Mercy when building our Willows campus, and delighted the nuns living there have stayed on with us. It’s a privilege to welcome people to The Health Center, whether they’ve come for short- or long-term care. Knowing the excellent staff and services we give each person makes me confident their needs will be met and their experience will be positive.



The Health Center at The Willows is committed to providing exceptional service through every interaction. Our satisfaction survey allows our Residents and their families to share their experience with us and with you. We take their comments to heart and use them to improve the care and services we provide.