Personalized Exercise Program (PEP)

Keeping fit is fun with a plan designed just for you.

The optional Personalized Exercise Program (PEP) at The Willows is custom tailored on an individual basis to meet the health requirements of each Resident in our independent living community.

We start with a preliminary evaluation to determine the safest and most comfortable level of exercise that's just right for you, taking into account arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis or diabetes. Our experienced, dedicated instructor works closely with you, carrying out your fitness program while continually monitoring your progress to ensure the maximum health benefits.

PEP is a recognized and highly effective fitness program specifically designed for seniors. The program offers strength and balance training, cardiovascular exercise, and range-of-motion and flexibility enhancement, combined with state of the art exercise equipment, to help you maintain good health.

The Aquatics Center, with its heated, saltwater indoor pool and hot tub, is a Resident favorite.

We have an extensive group exercise program of 25+ classes each week, such as Pilates, Tai Chi and line/folk dancing.

With PEP, The Willows brings the benefits of healthy exercise home, helping Residents enjoy life to its fullest!