There’s an assortment of pursuits presented with something for everyone.

For our long-term care Residents, a typical day at Beaumont can be as engaging as they wish. Our daily schedule includes activities that involve them in cognitive, physical, social, emotional, spiritual and creative ways in a therapeutic, home-like environment. Examples of activities include our cooking clubs, music programs, crafts, community day trips, chair exercises and Resident Council meetings.

The schedule is designed to provide Residents with structure a sense of well-being and enrichment, while respecting each person’s individuality, privacy and personal freedom.

Participation in these activities is completely voluntary, but consistently encouraged by Beaumont staff. In addition, adaptations are always made so all our Residents are able to participate to their optimal abilities.

Social and Musical Programs

Hosting these programs and events on each neighborhood every day allows staff members to join in the fun, to the delight of Residents. Here at Beaumont, as everywhere, there’s always something special about celebrating birthdays and anniversaries surrounded by friends.

Intergenerational programs with youngsters from SALMON Centers for Early Education, pet therapy, live entertainment, holiday festivities and community sing-a-longs are among the opportunities we organize for our Residents.

Cognitive Enhancement Programs

Activities such as What’s in a Word – definitions, Scattergories®– for thinking “outside the box,” News Briefs – current events, Poetry Workshop – reading and listening, and Book Nook – book discussion, are among what helps stimulate and improve Residents’ intellectual ability at Beaumont.

Different types of memory-exercise games and activities are offered on every neighborhood, with all of them tailored by our attentive team to the various interests, needs, and abilities of those participating. Reminiscing and relaxation programs are also presented.

Exercise Programs

Exercise programs are held several times weekly on all Beaumont neighborhoods, and are designed to meet the unique and specific needs of their Residents. Some neighborhoods use conventional approaches like free weights; others use colorful tossing balls or silky scarves for tactile stimulation incorporated with lively music.

Regardless of technique, Beaumont exercise programs all focus on maintaining our long-term care Residents’ range of motion, muscle strengthening, cardiovascular preservation and balance, to maximize their physical independence and promote a sense of well-being.

Religious and Spiritual Programs

Beaumont offers both regularly scheduled worship services and the time for individual Residents to meet with their clergy members one-on-one.

Local ministers, priests, rabbis, and other religious practitioners visit Beaumont frequently to make it possible for Residents to actively practice their chosen religious beliefs.

Other Beaumont pursuits supporting the spirit include pet therapy visits, patriotic programs, outdoor and reminiscing activities, and our popular intergenerational programming.

Sensory Programs

Sensory visits are provided to our long-term care Residents needing assistance in all aspects of daily living who have become unable to communicate. These activities for individuals and small groups stimulate the five senses and illicit positive responses from Residents.

Techniques include, among others, the application of a warm, lavender-scented face cloth, a gentle hand massage with scented lotion, the playing of soft music or enjoying some ice cream. This attention from our staff ensures every one of our Beaumont Residents experiences comfort, feelings of security, and a connection to their environment.

Intergenerational Programming

Blending the generations for activities is such a hit between seniors and children alike that our Beaumont communities without on-site child care centers have formed close relationships with neighborhood schools and youth organizations.

Just as in our other locations, all activities take place with teachers and aides from the outside groups in a welcoming atmosphere at Beaumont, and result in enthusiasm and satisfaction for everyone.

All Beaumont locations cultivate close relationships with their local community schools, scouting programs and other civic organizations, and receive regular visits from young people and others who are part of them. Holidays and celebrations draw performers and groups from the area into Beaumont, where they are anticipated with excitement and warmly received by all of us.

Our relationships with older children continue and develop over time; some of them find their experiences so meaningful they join Beaumont as volunteers (and sometimes, staff), just to be around our elders and the team.