Harvest Dining

Great taste and variety, built on solid nutrition.

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SALMON Health and Retirement understands social interaction, healthy eating habits and overall well-being are enhanced by a dining experience filled with good food, good conversation and an inviting atmosphere. With this in mind, we created the HARVEST dining program.

The HARVEST dining program features signature dishes created with fresh, nutrient-dense choices that are prepared with local produce and delivered with exemplary customer service. Residents and their guests look forward to time spent in our dining venues, from our restaurants to our snack bars and beautifully appointed dining rooms.

Adequate nutrition is a key component of good health, especially for people 65 and more. The better the flavor, the more enthusiastic the eater, and the more likely we all are to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. That means reaping the benefits of those foods, from lowering blood pressure, and reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke to helping prevent some cancers.

Our chefs, dietitians, residents, clients, family members and guests understand the appeal of fresh, locally produced food. Most of our salad dressings, sauces, and stocks are prepared from scratch; whenever possible, the food we serve will be locally sourced: fruits and vegetables will be from area gardens and farms.

SALMON Health and Retirement is committed to helping people age well; our HARVEST dining program contributes substantially by serving fresh foods we’ve grown ourselves or purchased from growers we know and trust, to the greatest possible extent. With this effort and our welcoming mealtime experience, HARVEST enriches the lives of those we serve.