Comparison Guide

House responsibilities, or a home with true freedom?

If you own one, you know how much money, time and energy it takes to maintain your house. Have you ever considered giving all that up? You could say goodbye to repair and maintenance costs, utility bills, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance premiums -- and your snow shovel, rake and lawnmower – when you say hello to a future of freedom (and fun) at The Willows independent living communities!

Consider these points:

  • With mortgage rates so low right now, homes ARE selling state-wide and the numbers prove it! Home inventory is down over 29% since May 2013. Single family home sales rose 6.6% and condo prices rose 27.5% year over year in March 2013. And with current interest rates still low, it's a great time get your house on the market!
  • Houses in Worcester County gained 10.8% of their value compared to last year.
  • Before you need a new roof, HVAC system, windows or other costly improvements, why not sell before you have to spend that money?
  • Choosing The Willows over a smaller home or condominium will save you all real estate commissions, settlement fees, transfer taxes and other expenses associated with a new house.
  • The Willows offers an invaluable investment to Residents with a guaranteed 90% refundable entrance deposit – along with housing and high quality healthcare, should you ever need it. Knowing where you will live and who will care for you is truly a great benefit, and “locking-in” and protecting 90% of your assets is something neither the stock market nor real estate can do. Wouldn’t you like to guarantee the value of your assets rather than gamble with them?
  • When your entrance deposit is returned to you, the costs associated with yet another residential sale are avoided.
  • You may be asking yourself: Can I afford to move? A better question is: Can I afford not to? By pooling the resources of our residents and leveraging that to minimize the impact of spikes in essential service costs at The Willows, expenses are always predictable.
  • Do you just think moving would be entirely too much effort? We’ve got all sorts of ways to make your move a lot more efficient and a lot less stressful. Let The Willows help you prepare, contact us to request our moving guide.

And there's something else to consider — something crucial and at times, intangible: peace of mind.

The Willows locations offer you communities that plan for and manage the dangerous weather Mother Nature dishes out from time to time. Residents can relax, knowing attentive staff members and emergency equipment will be put into service to provide for your comfort. (That's a lot different from sitting in your house, wondering how to prepare for such situations on short notice.) Don't take our word for it; click here for Testimonials

What is it about The Willows that makes such a difference?
The Willows is specifically designed for adults aged 60 and better at our Westborough location and 55 at Worcester, along with your families, so you not only enjoy newfound freedom but actually flourish.

You'll enjoy the predictability of costs plus greater freedom, greater feelings of security and greater peace of mind. We have created exceptional experiences for our customers, knowing that excellence is not a goal obtained but a path continuously pursued. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

If these points have you thinking about this new independent living style, contact us to today for a personal tour and let’s start a conversation.