Our 5 Essential Needs

The foundation of our therapeutic program

The Tapestry Program seeks to satisfy what we believe are five essential needs for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss. By working towards the fulfillment of these needs, a life of meaning and companionship can be created, offering the possibility of slowing the progress of memory loss.

The Five Essential needs are:

  1. Sense of Purpose & Pride
    Each day is filled with opportunities for success that build confidence and self-esteem. Helping with chores in the neighborhood, setting the table for meals and assisting other participants are a few examples.
  2. Respect & Dignity
    Lifetime accomplishments are honored through sharing in reminiscing groups and casual conversations. Retained skills can be demonstrated through music programs, expressive arts and task-oriented activities, such as arranging chairs or folding laundry.
  3. Love & Friendship
    Our culture of acceptance encourages the growth of relationships with family, neighbors and caregivers. Each elder is paired with participants of complimentary personalities, interests and abilities for small group activities, meals and other social gatherings.
  4. Physical & Emotional Safety
    The Tapestry environment, with strong shape and color cues, promotes recognition and encourages our elders to explore their home. A personalized daily routine coupled with consistent caregivers fosters familiarity, helping to alleviate fears and minimize failures. Fall prevention efforts and exercises are practiced; safety concerns are addressed with controlled-access doors and a vigilant staff who gently escort our elders to wherever they need to go.
  5. Freedom from Pain & Discomfort
    Knowing those with Alzheimer’s disease can face communication challenges, our attentive caregiving team seeks to monitor each elder’s mood and behavior for signals that he or she may be experiencing particular difficulty. Similarly, our interdisciplinary team partners with families, physicians and other professionals to see that the elder is as comfortable as possible.

Our Neighborhoods have…

Neighborhoods are designed to create a protective, home-like environment.

  • An interdisciplinary caregiving team trained and dedicated to Alzheimer’s care
  • Alzheimer-friendly accommodations and features
  • A welcoming environment featuring safety measures
  • A full, interactive program of varied activities daily
  • Consistent caregivers establish familiarity and closeness between Residents and staff
  • Family support groups that meet each month

Our therapeutic program has…

  • Daily strength and balance exercise programs with an emphasis on walking
  • Intergenerational and creative arts programs
  • Poetry readings; baking groups; pet visits
  • Music programmed and sing-alongs
  • Physically active games such as bowling, volleyball and horseshoes
  • Sensory programs such as massage and aromatherapy
  • Spiritual programs such as church services, prayer groups and the rosary