Beaumont at Northbridge Memory Care

The Tapestry Program: An innovative Approach for Seniors with Memory Impairment

Memory impairment refers to memory loss that leaves a person unable to live alone. Most of the elders in our Tapestry Programs have Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia. Everyone with Alzheimer’s has dementia, but there are also many other causes of dementia, Alzheimer’s being just one of them. Alzheimer’s disease is known as a progressive, degenerative dementia, which means the illness worsens over time. We offer different levels of The Tapestry Program to cater to the different types of dementia in our communities.

There are three different settings for our Tapestry Programs: Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences, Whitney Place Adult Day Health Centers, and Beaumont Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Centers. Together, these programs serve nearly 450 elders each day.

We take an interdisciplinary team approach and welcome family input as we create personalized plans to meet the needs of each of our Residents. Through consistent staffing, Residents know who will be caring for them on a regular basis. Their families and staff members also come to know each other and can develop relationships. More importantly, a team member becomes better able to notice changes in a Resident’s condition needing prompt action when they know them well.


We recognize and embrace that each person living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is unique, rich in life experiences, and entitled to friendships, feelings of well-being and opportunities to participate in life as fully as possible, throughout the various stages of their disease.

Through our Tapestry Program, we strive to preserve dignity and respect by creating a therapeutic setting in which:

  • Each elder is empowered to play an active role in his or her care and become a contributing member of our very special community.
  • A simplified environment offers a consistent, yet flexible, routine which is shaped and supported by the insights of family and the expertise of our care giving team.
  • Each elder is encouraged to use his or her remaining abilities and strengths, while having accommodations made for limitations.