Staff Training

Our staff keeps current with research into dementia.

All SALMON staff members receive 6 hours of Alzheimer’s and Dementia training as part of their General Orientation, including information on the physical and psychological disease process, communication and approach strategies, fall prevention and supporting families. SALMON employs a full-time, company-wide director of education to ensure that all service levels of our organization are receiving ongoing training. We urge our staff to do more every day for each elder we serve.

The Alzheimer’s Full Day Training course (8 hours) is required of all hands-on Tapestry employees.

Our Advanced Alzheimer’s Care class is an elective course designed by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners that allows staff to obtain a National Certification in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. There are currently 60 SALMON staff members so certified; that number grows each month.

Our class, Strengthening Caregiving Skills through Emotional Intelligence is available to all SALMON team members as an elective. The course teaches staff caring techniques through experiential exercises to enhance empathy, self-awareness/self-control and social expertness (the ability to bond and express caring and concern in ways a person with dementia can easily understand). This course was showcased in a presentation to the Alzheimer’s International Conference in 2013.