Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions; see if yours are answered here.

Q: What is the average age of Adult Day Health participants?
A: 75

Q: How many men are there?
A: Over 15 men attend our Center daily, and we hold men’s discussion groups and organize field trips together as well.

Q: How many days do I have to attend?
A: We encourage a two-day per week minimum. That consistency allows our participants to maintain a routine and acclimate to the Center more quickly. In addition, frequent socialization has proven to be of general benefit.

Q: What is your menu like?
A: We provide two hot meals daily, along with a variety of alternatives, accommodating special diets. 

Q: What if the person I care for does not like the programs offered?
A: There is a pre-evaluation where the Center director gets a full history of interests to address individual needs and suggest alternatives. We look to cover all interests and abilities and are always open to recommendations.

Q: What if the person I care for doesn’t speak or isn’t social?
A: Our staff are trained to initiate socialization with our clients verbally or through nonverbal cues, understanding that most people respond to and from emotion.