Professional care delivered with warmth and genuine concern.

Our nursing department at Beaumont carries the Home within a Home mindset within them seven days a week. Home Within a Home allows for consistent scheduling, so Residents know who will be caring for them on a regular basis. Residents, their families and staff come to know each other well and develop relationships. Under this practice, staff can more easily anticipate resident needs, residents can relax and gain more confidence in their caregivers, and families know who to go to with questions.

By getting to know our Resident’s needs and preferences, we’re able to work with each person and their family as a team to develop the best plan of care for every Resident. The care team carrying out the plan consists of all disciplines, including nursing, social service, recreation, dietary and rehabilitation, along with the Resident’s physician.

Beaumont’s skilled nurses work closely with physicians and nurse practitioners on-site nearly every day. This collaboration allows our nursing staff to handle many complex medical issues, so Residents can receive appropriate care there, avoiding frequent hospitalizations.

We’re proud of and value our staff’s longevity with us. Under the SALMON Health and Retirement “Career Ladder,” many Beaumont nurses started as CNAs and have worked their way up to leadership positions throughout our organization. We encourage licensed practical nurses to pursue their associate degree or earn a bachelor’s degree as a Registered Nurse.

SALMON Health and Retirement’s director of clinical services, assistant director of clinical services and clinical nutrition coordinator work together to ensure we meet the highest standards in the regulatory environment and what are deemed “best practices.” Our nurses complete numerous trainings, from when they first graduate to ongoing, company-offered, free classes on a variety of topics including IV training and wound care.