Dining Experience

We make meals a highlight through their great taste, selections and settings.

At Beaumont Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Centers, mealtime is unsurpassed: our short-term rehabilitation clients and long-term care Residents enjoy a relaxed, fine dining experience in well-appointed, attractive settings with restaurant-style service.

Team members create menus carefully designed to improve our Residents’ health and nutritional status, based on research supported by the national Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. And the food tastes great.

Our Home Within a Home initiative has transformed the older, institutional-style of nursing homes into environments that are Resident-focused and home-like, and some of the most exciting changes have taken place in dining.

Beaumont Centers replace traditional tray service with home-style seating, where Residents choose from several meal options, receive healthy suggestions on menu items, and have more time to socialize.

All meals are prepared on-site by our chefs, who accommodate the special dietary considerations of their Residents. At Beaumont, we grasp the delicate nutritional needs of our Residents and we are committed to providing nutrient-dense meals that are flavorful and appealing to the senses while low in fat, sodium, and sugar.

Our selections consist of fresh ingredients, seasonal flavors, and spices to reduce sodium and enhance flavor. Meals are prepared the “old fashioned” way – from scratch. Fresh fruit and vegetables are on the menu every day.

Our goal at Beaumont is having our Residents indulge in tasty, wholesome meals in a refined dining environment, where the wonderful aroma from our cuisine is coupled with friendly gatherings.

Special Features:

  • Restaurant-style dining service with home-cooked meals served in our dining rooms
  • Quiet social dining setting
  • Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Onsite gardens (with produce raised in them put into our menu)
  • Special holiday meals throughout the year

butternut soup