Building Features

The Adult Day Health Center at Natick was designed specifically to suit a day program for seniors.

  • An open floor plan promotes a more active setting.
  • A spacious layout encourages clients to move around and walk, allowing feelings of greater freedom.
  • A separate, adjacent room provides a place for rest, participation in quiet activity or a break for clients experiencing overstimulation.
  • Two handicapped-accessible restrooms limit client waiting times.
  • Windows at the Center make observation of activity and intervention by the director, nurse and social worker easy and immediate.
  • A discreet door for staff members helps prevent exit attempts by clients with dementia.
  • Safety features are employed, such as security hardware installed on all exterior doors, which dramatically reduces the risk of client elopement.
  • A sunny, fenced patio with a grill provides an inviting outdoor space that manages safety and security concerns.
  • The Center has a cozy, home-like environment.