SALMON Adult Day Health Center at Natick

A social setting with health care, good food and recreation.

SALMON Adult Day Health Centers are welcoming places where seniors and others who live at home can take part in social activities, enjoy hot meals, and receive the help they need with their daily healthcare routines. It feels good to come to a place where everybody cares about you…where everyone knows your name.

When you’re the carepartner for a spouse, a parent, or an adult friend, it’s comforting to know there’s a supportive community nearby to step in and help you continue working, running the family household and having time for rest and recreation.

Why choose an Adult Day Health Program?

Seniors and disabled adults strongly desire the comfort and familiarity of living in their own homes, and this we fully understand. But, for many, living at home can also mean long hours spent alone. In addition to loneliness, such isolation can lead to depression (including the inclination to remain in bed), poor eating habits, medication errors, difficulty with managing daily activities, and declining memory.

At our SALMON Adult Day Health Center in Natick, a nurse delivers routine medical monitoring along with medication management and dispensing, including injections. The needs of those with physical handicaps, hearing, visual or mental impairment can be accommodated. Since our medical staff sees people on a consistent basis, even subtle changes in physical and mental health are recognized and can be addressed there or in cooperation with our clients’ primary care physicians. Often, through this observation and support, the need for full-time nursing home care or a hospitalization can be delayed or even avoided.

For seniors and disabled adults…to be around friends, socializing, participating in therapeutic activities, receiving assistance if needed with medications and having a sense of purpose in a community setting, can add life to your years.

For carepartners…whose lives are pulling them in different directions, this option alleviates anxiety. Our mission is to provide you some respite and a sense of security, knowing the person you care for is enjoying their day in a positive, stimulating environment created by a responsible and caring staff.

For both of you…SALMON Adult Day Health.

Meet the Team


Jessica BrighamJessica Brigham, RN, BSN, LNHA, Executive Director
Decades of my career have been devoted to looking after people and their families. It is truly inspiring to see the level of dedication, professionalism and warmth our staff members bring to those entrusted to our care on a daily basis. I am both proud and honored to lead the team on the Natick Campus as we work together to maintain the excellence that sets SALMON apart.


SALMON Adult Day Health Center in Natick is committed to providing exceptional service through every interaction. Our satisfaction survey allows our Residents and their families to share their experience with us and with you. We take their comments to heart and use them to improve the care and services we provide.