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Hospice Overview

Every moment matters.

Hospice is a concept of care which focuses on enhancing life and providing compassionate care for people entering the last stages of life. Hospice neither prolongs life, nor does it hasten death; its goal is to enable individuals to continue to live the duration of their lives free of avoidable pain and unpleasant symptoms. Hospice care brings comfort and dignity to individuals because it focuses on achieving the best quality of life possible during the advanced phases of a terminal illness.

Choosing hospice is always a difficult decision. During this challenging time, it is important to know that you and your family are not alone. We here at SALMON Hospice are dedicated to supporting our patients and those closest to them as they face this difficult stage of life. We address the physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual needs of our patients while offering their families the support and any assistance they need.

Getting started

There are three elements which determine whether or not you are eligible for our services. They are:

  1. The patient must live in one of the areas we serve. Please check our current town listing to see if your location is among them.
  2. The patient’s primary care physician must certify that the patient’s illness is incurable and that life expectancy is six months or less if the disease runs its normal course.
  3. The patient must prefer to receive hospice care over curative treatment.