Emergency Preparedness

Weather-related disasters and emergencies are unavoidable—snowstorms, earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding and other inclement weather incidents. These types of situations tend to cause power outages and, even in communities as large and well-staffed as ours, Residents may feel the uneasiness that can come along with flickering lights.

With the weather-related storms of the past few years, our Residents have been able to remain calm and comfortable, not only because of the preparedness at SALMON Health and Retirement but also because of their own knowledge of how things are handled on our campuses.

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Emergency Preparedness Natick 11.8.17

Emergency Preparedness Northborough 11.8.17

Emergency Preparedness Northbridge 11.8.17

Emergency Preparedness Westborough 5.11.16

Emergency Preparedness Beaumont Worcester 11.8.2017

Emergency Preparedness Worcester-Salisbury 12.8.14