Water to the rescue

Water to the Rescue (Especially in Summer)!

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Dehydration sends thousands to the hospital each summer as a result of people not replenishing their bodies by drinking water. In the summer, the heat can drain us of the water we need and we sometimes forget the importance of….

Staff Q&A with Betty Wadsworth

Staff Q&A: Betty Wadsworth

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Betty Wadsworth has been working for SALMON Health and Retirement for more than 40 years — longer than any other person currently on our staff. Q: What brought you to work for the Salmon family in the first place? A: I….

Great Reasons to Stay Active

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Aging well has a lot to do with how well we take care of our bodies throughout our lifespan. People who stay even moderately fit as they age may live longer, but more importantly, live better. Much of the deterioration….

What’s a CDP and why does it matter?

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We know it takes a good understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to provide appropriate care and feelings of security for people living with these conditions. Our commitment to serving this growing population extends far beyond most other organizations; that’s….

Caregivers also need to care for themselves

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Few of us expected to be taking care of our parents as they (and we) aged, but that’s a reality these days for more and more adults. Finding ourselves helping our parents make important life decisions — or having to….

Strengthen Your Memory by Playing Games

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Memory lapses can be both embarrassing (what’s my neighbor’s kid’s name again?) and troubling (is it Alzheimer’s?). But a few slipups don’t necessarily doom you to a future of forgetfulness. A memory is made by linking two or more of….

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