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Assisted Living Misconceptions

6 Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

Posted by Virginia Lehr, Community Sales Director, Whitney Place at Natick on | No Comments

  For most people, remaining as healthy and independent as possible for as long as possible is the #1 goal of aging. Although the ideal image that typically comes to mind is of golden years spent in a family home….

Staying Social in Independent Living

Staying Social in Independent Living

Posted by Nancy Kingsbury Begin, Community Sales Director, The Willows at Worcester on | No Comments

Everyone experiences change and the challenges that come with starting over or transitioning to a new phase in life in different ways. No matter your age, moving to a new environment and starting over in a new community can be….

Winter Moving Tips

Posted by Kim Carr on | No Comments

Moving from one home to another is never without challenges, but moving during the winter months can present some additional difficulties. Cold weather, snow and ice can make moving boxes and furniture and driving a moving truck more challenging. If….

Brain Health

Brain Matters – 10 Foods that Support Brain Health

Posted by Dr. Coreyann Poly PhD, MEd, RD, LD/N, Director of Clinical Nutrition Services for SALMON Health and Retirement on | No Comments

A big part of aging well is brain health. As we age, our brains tend to lose some of their elasticity, making the connections we need to focus on tasks and remember things more difficult. By ensuring your brain is….

A New Season in Life Transition to Assisted Living

A New Season in Life: Transitioning to Assisted Living

Posted by SALMON Health on | No Comments

There are many misconceptions and myths around assisted living communities. Fears over loss of independence or drastic lifestyle changes are some of the main concerns. And, while starting a new chapter in life can be challenging and come with an….

What to Expect after Moving to an Active Retirement Community

What to Expect after Moving to an Active Retirement Community

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Retirement can mean different things to different people. There are a number of factors that determine what the post-working years will look like for older adults, such as age of retirement, budget, health status, family dynamics and personal goals and….

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