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How to Stay Active after Retirement

How to Stay Active after Retirement

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Retirement age varies from person to person, but the U.S. Census Bureau estimates the average for American men and women is 63. There are many factors determining when a person can retire and what their health and lifestyle will be….

5 Warning Signs that Memory Care may be Needed

5 Warning Signs that Memory Care may be Needed

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There are many common signs and health considerations associated with aging, but everyone experiences the process at a different pace. Some seniors can live relatively healthy and independent lives with minimal outside support into their 80s, while others may require….


Recognizing the Signs of Stroke

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Recognizing the Signs of Stroke A stroke is always an emergency situation. Though only one in five stroke victims die from a stroke, most survivors have long-lasting physical and mental effects, so immediate medical attention is crucial. Unfortunately, it’s often….

Employee Spotlight: Andrew Salmon, Director of Network Development

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Andrew Salmon, a third-generation member of the Salmon clan, was introduced to the family business serving older adults at an early age. Working as a transporter for residents, then later in the maintenance and dietary departments, Andrew experienced the importance….

Assisted Living Misconceptions

6 Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

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  For most people, remaining as healthy and independent as possible for as long as possible is the #1 goal of aging. Although the ideal image that typically comes to mind is of golden years spent in a family home….

Staying Social in Independent Living

Staying Social in Independent Living

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Everyone experiences change and the challenges that come with starting over or transitioning to a new phase in life in different ways. No matter your age, moving to a new environment and starting over in a new community can be….

Winter Moving Tips

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Moving from one home to another is never without challenges, but moving during the winter months can present some additional difficulties. Cold weather, snow and ice can make moving boxes and furniture and driving a moving truck more challenging. If….

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