Creating a comfortable home for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia takes careful attention to the bigger things as well as the details. We have some specific ideas for you.

Designing with Alzheimer’s in Mind

  • Remember Memory Care! Hang family photos and artwork to stir memories; shadow boxes are excellent for grouping memorabilia.

  • Place items at eye level on the wall, and avoid putting frames on tabletops, as this adds clutter and confusion.

  • Avoid shiny floors to reduce glare and confusion.

  • Layer sofa and chairs with pillows and throws of different textures that appeal to the touch.

  • Place a picture over fuse boxes or other utility areas to decrease curiosity.

  • Provide seating for guests and a place to play games or place a drink, to encourage socialization.

  • Use flameless candles to create a sense of calm. (These battery operated candles are available at Bed Bath & Beyond and Pottery Barn, among other places.)

  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • Think inside the box: View our multi-step moving guide
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