Dabbling in Design:

Design Do’s and Don’ts

  • Express yourself
    Express Yourself

    Save money and re-use what you already own. Have a great quilt or collectibles? Displaying these is fun and expresses your personality.

  • Mirror
    Light Reflections

    Use mirrors to reflect light around a room. They add a feeling of spaciousness. Note: avoid placing them too close to windows, as this can cause undesirable glare.

  • House plant
    Go Green

    Small plants are easy to take care of and add color and improved air quality to a room. Great low-maintenance plants include ferns and Peace Lilies.

  • Wall art
    Art Collecting

    Space artwork or photos in groups 3″ to 5″ apart, to create an interesting, organized look.

Most Important!

Keep your space clean; toss out old medicines and newspapers and file your bills. You’ll find a dust-free, organized space looks great and feels good, too.

  • Interactive Floor Plan
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